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i was born in '73, times where the beatles, janis joplin or stevie wonder trusted the charts... artists, not brands !
i started music at 5, playing and writing songs on an old "Bontempi" keyboard.

then i joined the geneva's music conservatory at 7, learning music theory, piano, vocals, violin, orchestration, musical harmony and song writing during 27 years. at the same time, i learned by myself many other instruments as guitar, bass, drums, harp, pipes and didjeridoo.

since 14 years old i played in many bands, sometimes as lead singer, or pianist and other times as backing vocals or guitarist... i always put all my heart and energy in every project, but something was always missing : too slow, too cramped, too dilettante...

for me, music is like eating or breathing, it's a basic need and i deeply know that playing is what i was born for & i always wanted to live my passion daily, writing songs and going around the world spreading my words, my music, on stage !


so... this is how patknot 's project was born ! I decided to do something alone, by myself, for myself, with a debut solo album, where every instrument would be writed and played by me, with my kowledge and skills. something personnal, where i could put in everything i feel and shout all i want to say with passion, sincerity and love.

welcome to my world, welcome in my heart...

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