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Singer/growler, guitar, piano, bass, drumS player

songwriter & arranger



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Skull Strings

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News From the front

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  • After months of work, I am proud to present my debut solo album to you ! I put all my love, passion and musical skills into it... I hope you will feep some emotion, joy or anger throughout the songs ! Thanks to everyone who helped me realize thie project (especially Serge M, Fred R. and my love, Maude) !

  • Hope song - second single out on all main digital platforms ! ​And dont miss the lyrics video on youtube ! 

  • 2021 december - Stay tuned... the 22th of december, my 2nd single, "Hope Song", will be available on all main streaming platforms !

  • 2021 november - FINALLY !! Time has come to blast my album to the world ! it will be available the 28th of december, so save the date !

  • 2021 July - Due to some technical issues with advertisements and promotions on social networks, I have to create a new Facebook page and postpone the release of F.O.S.T.I.S. album for the end of the year !

  • 2021 June - Away from me first single out today on all main digital platforms !

​       And dont miss the video on youtube ! 

  • 2021 june the 1st - away from me, the first single of my upcoming debut solo album f.o.s.t.i.s. will be released.

  • 2021 may - mastering done! stay tuned for release date of the first single and album

  • 2021 april - Post prod done... next step, mastering.

  • 2021 march - mix done! It just needs now a few more weeks for mastering & some other sh*t (pictures, coypright, etc.)

  • 2021 ferbruary - All the songs are on the mix!

  • 2021- january - Due to this (fuc**ing) virus, release date is delayed. Hope to give you some fresh news quickly.

  • 2020 december - Last musical arrangements on progress.

  • 2020 november - Vocals done!

  • 2020 november - All instrumental parts are in the box!

  • 2020 october - Final playlist of my debut solo album "F.O.S.T.I.S." is ok

8 tracks will be recorded







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